Up and coming events at the club

Upcoming events

Autumn Social

We are of for a Parents' night out on Thursday 6th October. Location and time to be confirmed, but pop the date in the diary!


Christmas Dinner

Forward planning, but the date for the annual christmas meal is Thursday 1st December. Again, time and location to come, watch this space!


Recent Events

Little Street


The club went over to Frimley in early February, to have a play session at Little Street. Elsa (from Frozen) helped on a digger in the building site, Woody (from Toy Story) drove a fire engine and a fairy went shopping! Even the non-walkers got involved, quality testing the pears and bricks and doing their best to get run over by police cars. Everyone had lots of fun, we had lots of tired twins by the end of the day. We are definitely heading back there later in the year, so watch this space for the next date.